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Wikidata/Wikibase Entity Draft Namespace
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Feature suggestion: Draft namespaces are available in Wikidata and/or Wikibase where users can draft entities before they are added to their main entity namespace.


Draft namespaces called "Property draft" and "Item draft" will be available as part of Wikibase. On Wikidata the "Property draft" namespace will be renamed "Property proposal" and used for the creation of property proposals.


It is very painstaking for property creators to manually enter all of the data of a property proposal when creating a new property. Having a dedicated property namespace could allow the direct copying of proposals which will be the exact forms of the properties into the main property namespace. Commenting for proposals can then occur on the talk pages for the proposal entities. Having dedicated entities will also allow the querying for proposals and their data - something we can't easily do at the moment due to data being managed by Templates and Categories.

Organizations that manage data through Wikibase also may find use of this. They may not want all data published to the main entity namespaces and may want to experiment or verify new parts of their ontologies or data about to be added. These namespaces allow them to do this without requiring them to setup a separate instance of Wikibase.

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This may also allow users to mass import from some crude sources (such as cebwiki, and various from Mix'n'Match). before checking them manually.

I see the merit of this idea at least for properties, but I'm wondering where you envision the property discussion to take place? On the talk page? Would that be preserved somehow (referring back to old proposal discussions is done very often).

Yes, the talk page. How property proposals would work is the property is proposed with statements exactly how it will be published in the main Property namespace. Then, a tool will copy that property in the draft Property proposal namespace to a new property in the Property namespace. The draft property proposal will remain with it's talk page in the Property proposal namespace. The new property will have a blank talk page.