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Create a tour/gadget for property proposal application
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Random idea. The process of proposing a new property requires some exact steps:

  1. choose one category
  2. fill in the "form" (requires wikitext knowledge, it may be possible to build an actual form)
  3. publish the proposal and transclude it to the category

A tour / gadget could make this process more user-friendly.

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Myself and @NavinoEvans have been discussing this as well, we were thinking that FormWizard could be used to create the forms which would make it much more user friendly. The main issue I can see currently is how to do the examples in a form, its quite fiddly

There's also this alternative solution: T298405

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Hello, everyone.

Lydia told me about this ticket that might relate to a script I concept and wrote with Marchellangelina. The tool still needs to be built but feel free to discuss this.

When I first started editing Wikidata and realizing that there is a need for property, I asked @Fexpr about this and she told me about creating the Property Proposal first.

In the property proposal, there were several things that I found hard to understand, as someone whose journey of editing start from Wikidata first, not from Wikipedia:

  • The encapsulation of template. What does it mean?
  • The syntax of template
  • The element that needs to be filled in the template
  • The lack of documentation

Because of that, after creating my own proposal for several identifiers, I think the easiest way to make this accessible for someone whose wiki journey start from being Wikidata editor, is by creating a form that can be filled, so the person doesn't have to tinker with the wiki syntax under that.

The Google Forms consists of variables needed to propose a property proposal, and the script turns the response spreadsheet of the google forms into Wikitext. The Google Forms were still in Bahasa Indonesia and were written by Marchella Angelina and me, supervised by Fexpr as our coordinator.

I realize that in order to do this, there is a need to host this in a place like Toolforge so that it can be useful for everyone. Since the program just requires string manipulation, maybe all the process can be handled from user side? Setting up a server or starting as a Toolforge developer is quite intimidating for me, since I didn't have background in tech. If someone here want to help or continue discussion regarding this, I'll be very happy to be part of this.

Here's the link to the script:

Instead of a Python tool running on Toolforge, it could be a JavaScript gadget running directly on Wikidata. It would make it easier to deploy and to enable, but the Google Docs integration may be trickier. Maybe Google Forms should just be dropped, and the form should also be on-wiki.