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Tool to facilitate property creation process
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The property creation process is complex and it will be easier if a tool would be available to do these in one step:

  1. Create the property with the proper label/description
  2. Copy the information from the template to the newly created property
  3. Modify the template with the property number
  4. Ping the participants in the property proposal

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@Josve05a Just saw your poke on IRC. If one of you can expand this task a bit more I can promote it a bit more to try to find someone to work on it.

@Lydia_Pintscher Currently when I click on "Create property" the name that was used to create the property proposal get's copied into the English name category.
The actual name it's in the property proposal get's ignored. If the name changed during the property discussion, it's required to manually copy paste the new name.

The names and descriptions in other languages are currently completely ignored and have to be manually copied. A bot could copy them automatically.

Currently it's necessary to copy paste the {{property proposal}} template and rename it into {{property documentation}}. This task could be done by a bot.

Afterward, it's necessary to manually copy data from the {{property documentation}} and convert that data into Wikidata statements. In many cases this task could be done by a bot.

After a property proposal is either marked "done" or "not done" we have a custom to ping all involved participants. This currently has to be done manually and could be done via a bot.

I currently use my own custom hacky script to create properties, but having something stable and usable by anyone would be highly beneficial.

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Hello, everyone.

Lydia told me about this ticket that might relate to a script I concept and wrote with Marchellangelina. The tool still needs to be built but feel free to discuss this.

When I first started editing Wikidata and realizing that there is a need for property, I asked @Fexpr about this and she told me about creating the Property Proposal first.

In the property proposal, there were several things that I found hard to understand, as someone whose journey of editing start from Wikidata first, not from Wikipedia:

  • The encapsulation of template. What does it mean?
  • The syntax of template
  • The element that needs to be filled in the template
  • The lack of documentation

Because of that, after creating my own proposal for several identifiers, I think the easiest way to make this accessible for someone whose wiki journey start from being Wikidata editor, is by creating a form that can be filled, so the person doesn't have to tinker with the wiki syntax under that.

The Google Forms consists of variables needed to propose a property proposal, and the script turns the response spreadsheet of the google forms into Wikitext. The Google Forms were still in Bahasa Indonesia and were written by Marchella Angelina and me, supervised by Fexpr as our coordinator.

I realize that in order to do this, there is a need to host this in a place like Toolforge so that it can be useful for everyone. Since the program just requires string manipulation, maybe all the process can be handled from user side? Setting up a server or starting as a Toolforge developer is quite intimidating for me, since I didn't have background in tech. If someone here want to help or continue discussion regarding this, I'll be very happy to be part of this.

Here's the link to the script:

Lydia told me about this ticket that might relate to a script I concept and wrote with Marchellangelina.

It’s quite distantly related – this ticket is about making it easier to create properties after a property proposal has concluded, while your script makes it easier to create property proposals. T259505: Create a tour/gadget for property proposal application is about starting property proposals, let’s continue there.

Hi everyone, I'd like to draw your attention to the script by @DannyS712. This script simplifies and streamlines the process of creating new properties, making it much more accessible and user-friendly. Properties can be created based on the proposal page easily through this page at I have used it some times back for creating new properties and I recommend checking it out if you haven't. It automates numerous processes, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting of details.