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Tool to facilitate property creation process
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The property creation process is complex and it will be easier if a tool would be available to do these in one step:

  1. Create the property with the proper label/description
  2. Copy the information from the template to the newly created property
  3. Modify the template with the property number
  4. Ping the participants in the property proposal

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@Josve05a Just saw your poke on IRC. If one of you can expand this task a bit more I can promote it a bit more to try to find someone to work on it.

@Lydia_Pintscher Currently when I click on "Create property" the name that was used to create the property proposal get's copied into the English name category.
The actual name it's in the property proposal get's ignored. If the name changed during the property discussion, it's required to manually copy paste the new name.

The names and descriptions in other languages are currently completely ignored and have to be manually copied. A bot could copy them automatically.

Currently it's necessary to copy paste the {{property proposal}} template and rename it into {{property documentation}}. This task could be done by a bot.

Afterward, it's necessary to manually copy data from the {{property documentation}} and convert that data into Wikidata statements. In many cases this task could be done by a bot.

After a property proposal is either marked "done" or "not done" we have a custom to ping all involved participants. This currently has to be done manually and could be done via a bot.

I currently use my own custom hacky script to create properties, but having something stable and usable by anyone would be highly beneficial.

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