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[Hackathon doc sprint] A step-by-step process for the Query Service
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This is a suggested task for the documentation sprint during the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017.

A lot of good documentation exists about the Query Service. Still, maybe a step-by-step process to help the newcomer to write his.her first query would be appreciated. Let's get some inspiration from existing processes and create a nice and playful tool to learn how to write queries.

Event Timeline

Please make sure we're not creating too many half-baked docs for the same thing and instead let's improve the documentation that we have where possible.

A page already exists (and mentioned on the help portal) but quite empty for now, we should improve it:

Most cases you can find on blogs or "help" pages are particular cases. Focus on simple things would be a plus, create a list of wiki pages from a Wikidata page or list all people with the same family name, including wiki marckup to generate a list.