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[Hackathon doc sprint] Beginner documentation about Wikidata
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This is one of the main topics of the Wikidata documentation Sprint during the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017.

Feel free to add in subtasks your ideas of tasks to improve the documentation for beginners who want to start editing/using Wikidata.

The tasks should be:

  • Simple (you can split complex tasks in several tasks)
  • Clear (please add details, links, explain what's wrong or missing in the existing doc)
  • Ideally, feasible by a team in maximum 1 day

Links to Wikidata doc (feel free to add more):

Inspirations (nice doc from other projects):

  • ...

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Multichill added a subscriber: Multichill.

I consider this important, but not in scope for a hackathon.

Quiddity updated the task description. (Show Details)Mar 3 2017, 1:02 AM

I consider this important, but not in scope for a hackathon.

I think I understand why you write this (i.e. that developers should spend their valuable time together, working on the really hard problems, and not on writing beginner documentation), but if I may offer a few counterpoint thoughts:

  • These (3 documentation tasks) are all-day sessions, and are suitable for drop-in; so if an experienced dev wants to take a break from more complex code-oriented thinking, they can optionally do so here.
  • There are usually a small number of newcomer developers in attendance, plus a few experienced-editor non-developers. - These people will (a) be able to provide beginner-perspective insights (to the experienced developers) for why a documentation-change, or a feature-request, or an interface-design-change is desired, and (b) will be able to talk directly to experienced-developers in order to get technically precise summaries, that they as newcomers/non-developers can then help to document, from a beginner's perspective.
  • Documentation problems are so common (throughout the world, not just software!) that they rarely even get discussed in detail. These sessions will give a space for spitballing (sharing/brainstorming/etc) our collective gripes and suggestions. Some of the people who are there, might be inspired to finally fix those longstanding problems! At the very least, a detailed to-do list or options-list can be written down, and then the gritty detailed work can be done at a slower pace when everyone is back home.

Here are notes from a group of people who did not know Wikidata and tried to find their
way into it on their own: .

I have experience creating short demo videos about Wikidata. Will bring my recording equipment to the hackathon (= my laptop and headphones with integrated microphone).

What demonstration videos would be useful?

Hello! Just letting you know that you can schedule this session now for the hackathon. Instructions and scheduling can be done here:

How about this for a start, replacing the text in the 'Getting Involved' block on the Wikidata homepage?

PKM added a subscriber: PKM.May 21 2017, 12:12 AM

Lots of these tasks about the hackathon doc sprint for 2017 still seem to be hanging around. Can some of them be cleaned up? Perhaps we just need to remove the link to the hackathon if we still need to do these? Or are they done?