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Update Wikimedia Commons' default markup for 'Use this image'
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For an image - say:’s_Birmingham_Gazette_-_1771-11-11_-_p1.jpg - the default markup provided by the "Use this file" link on the toolbar is:

[[File:Aris’s Birmingham Gazette - 1771-11-11 - p1.jpg|thumb|Aris’s Birmingham Gazette - 1771-11-11 - p1]]

The right hand part of this ("|Aris’s Birmingham Gazette - 1771-11-11 - p1]]") repeats the filename. It should instead (where available) use the caption from the file's structured data, in the user's preferred language:

[[File:Aris’s Birmingham Gazette - 1771-11-11 - p1.jpg|thumb|front page masthead of Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, 11 November 1771 edition]]

This applies to all the applicable markup snippets under each of the "Use this file" links on a file page; for example the non-thumbnail wiki markup and the alt attribute under "Embed this file".

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This seems to be related to the "Share or embed this file" in MediaViewer which suggests the same markup.