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Finalize dev portal content and structure: "Build tools" section
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  • Review content and compare with on-wiki content to identify potential coverage gaps.
  • Interview and collaborate with SMEs in each area to identify key user tasks and potential gaps in portal content.
  • Update site structure and content, confirm correct sequencing for content on each page.
  • Complete task-completion-focused UXR (tracked in T286087 and related).
  • Review and finalize all copy.
  • Add any docs not already included in the Key Docs list to the schedule for doc review.
  • Resolve all TODOs in markdown files.


Proposed structure

  • Toolhub (single link)
  • Get started (get-started-tools)
    • Create a Wikimedia account
    • About Wikimedia accounts
    • Log in to PAWS
    • About PAWS
    • Pywikibot+PAWS tutorial
    • About Pywikibot
  • Tutorials (tutorials-tools)
    • Any tutorials related to tool building
  • APIs and frameworks (apis-tools)
    • Pywikibot
    • Action API
    • Browse client libraries by programming language
    • --> Data sources page under use-content/
    • --> API catalog page under use-content/
  • Hosting (toolforge)
    • Create developer account
    • Toolforge quick start
    • Toolforge landing page
  • Best practices (best-practices-tools)
    • Creating a bot (
    • Developing successful tools (Wikitech)


  • Visual content or data (-->content reuse journey)
    • In bulk
  • Edit wiki pages
  • Edit Wikidata
  • Automate to run as a bot

Subjourney: Find a tool

  • Visit Toolhub
    • Search
    • Browse by coolest
    • Browse by tag
    • Browse by user-created list
      • Find tool
        • Follow link to tool docs —>
      • Doesn't find tool
        • —>Build a tool journey

Key docs:

  • Toolhub

Subjourney: Request a tool

Excluding this from the Dev Portal for now due to high barriers to entry and low activity

  • Request a tool
    • Go to Phabricator
      • Create account
        • Log in
          • Create task
            • Set up email notifications
              • Wait to receive response

Key docs:

  • Create Phabricator account
  • Request tool project page in Phabricator
  • Template to create a task with the request tool tag

Subjourney: Build a tool

Build a tool: Shortest path to edit a wiki page with code
  • Create a Wikimedia global account
    • Log in to PAWS
      • Create a Python 3 notebook
        • Configure, write, and run a pywikibot script

Key docs:

  • Create a Wikimedia account page
  • About Wikimedia accounts
  • PAWS login page
  • Pywikibot+PAWS tutorial
Build a tool: High-level journey
  • Choose a programming language and toolset
    • Choose an open source license
      • Write the code
      • Write the docs
        • Share the tool
          • Publish the code
          • Set up hosting (Toolforge)
          • Automate to run as a bot, if appropriate
            • Join the community
            • Recruit co-maintainers
            • Contribute to other tools
            • —>Build another tool

Event Timeline

Some of these links came from building out the current version of the dev portal. I attempted to ensure that each section of the dev portal covered the information a user would need to complete the tasks in a given user journey. Perhaps some of these should not be included, or perhaps the information they seek to provide is actually important but needs to be updated? I can't tell because I'm still too new to this subject area. What we are doing now with these bugs is reconciling the content that seemed useful to me as I built out the portal with the previously-identified lists of important docs, so we are sure to be covering the content that is essential to each of the user journeys in the portal.

Change 764823 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Paskulin; author: Alex Paskulin):

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