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systemd job "Sync keys for Keystone fernet tokens to ${thishost}" potentially broken
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While working on T299358: access logs on stat1007 are incomplete since May 2021 (possibly earlier), in the #wikimedia-analytics channel, we noticed that the problem is possibly caused by neither systemd nor rsync expanding the glob pattern * in the job command.

Quoting from my local rsync man-page:

Note that the expansion of wildcards on the command-line (*.c) into a list of files is handled by the shell before it runs rsync and not by rsync itself (exactly the same as all other Posix-style programs).

Looking through puppet for more instances of this pattern, this came up:

I have no idea what it does, but it might be broken and should probably be checked.

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Change 755396 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jbond; author: jbond):

[operations/puppet@production] P:openstack::base::keystone::fernet_keys: drop use of '*' in rsync

Simlar to T299510, this one shuold also be fine as is but have also sent a PS to update this, thanks

Change 755396 merged by Andrew Bogott:

[operations/puppet@production] P:openstack::base::keystone::fernet_keys: drop use of '*' in rsync

taavi assigned this task to jbond.