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Add language-specific discussion links from My Library
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In My Library we have a 'Discuss' link which points to This is a page monitored by The Wikipedia Library team, but there are also some local discussion pages which are monitored, particularly on the English and German Wikipedias. It might be helpful to link to these too.

We could add a per-language configuration so that if a user's language is, for example, German they see ( after the 'Discuss' link which sends them to the discussion page. We probably only want to do this in cases where a community has asked for it or we know someone from the team or an affiliate is monitoring the page.

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Samwalton9 subscribed.

I boldly took the approach of adding a new config app to store this data. Awaiting feedback.


I'll leave the code review to Jason, but I'm happy with this approach in general! I can just go watchlist all the currently-not-active pages that will be linked to keep an eye on them :)

deployed and live in production