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Files not uploaded after several days
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I tried to upload 2 files (for frwikisource) a few days ago, and they are still in the waiting list on

  • Bougeault - Kryloff ou le La Fontaine russe, 1852.djvu
  • Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la Nouvelle-France en l'an 1634.djvu

Is there a problem with those specific files ? which one ?

if not, could you please remove them from the list so that I can make a new tentative ?

Also, it would be nice to have a button to ABORT or RESET file uploads that fail (only those one's own of course)

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It didn't look like those were particularly over size or anything, so I'm not sure what was wrong. I've removed them from the queue (relation-de-ce-qui-sest-passe-en-la-nouvelle-france-en-lan-1634 and kryloff-ou-le-la-fontaine-russe-1852). See if a retry works.

Thanks @Samwilson

it seems that Kryloff was already on Commons

I'm trying again for

  • relation-de-ce-qui-sest-passe-en-la-nouvelle-france-en-lan-1634
  • VoyageAuxIndesOrientalesEtALaChineTome2, but the log seems to have problems :(


[2022-01-27T11:24:02.283430+00:00] LOG.DEBUG: Getting VoyageAuxIndesOrientalesEtALaChineTome2 [] []
[2022-01-27T11:24:02.638523+00:00] LOG.DEBUG: Can't locate djvu file, ia id is valid, perhaps conversion failed or is in progress [] []

and.... it's a fail for both books... which are old French books, difficult to find elsewhere (for another version file) :(