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Namespace for local pages in interwiki backlinks (iwbacklinks) is missing
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produces the following output:

<iw pageid="390601" ns="2" title="JesseW" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="3349753" ns="1" title="Wookieepedia" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="rMW6476940bc571" ns="4" title="IRC/Tutorial" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="11024996" ns="2" title="Lukecarpenter169/MyWiki" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="11477131" ns="2" title="Astrale01" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="17526118" ns="4" title="WikiProject_User_scripts/Requests/Fulfilled/Archive_3" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="23107110" ns="1" title="Samuel_L._Jackson_filmography" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="25447720" ns="3" title="Gabi_Hernandez" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="26154652" ns="3" title="Hintss/Archive_4" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="" />
<iw pageid="9551313" ns="2" title="CWY2190/Top_header" iwprefix="wikia" iwtitle="24:Main_Page" />

The namespace of the local pages is missing. This is inconsistent with, say, which outputs

<ei pageid="287562" ns="2" title="User:Dunshi" />
<ei pageid="2682250" ns="0" title="Rebujito" />
<ei pageid="5024711" ns="3" title="User talk:Rauterkus" />
<ei pageid="6224191" ns="2" title="User:Phort99" />
<ei pageid="10107597" ns="0" title="Just for You (M People song)" />
<ei pageid="11360578" ns="1" title="Talk:Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center" />
<ei pageid="13967872" ns="2" title="User:Overcow" />
<ei pageid="16819608" ns="2" title="User:TPainRoxx" />
<ei pageid="17996405" ns="0" title="Khabur (Tigris)" />
<ei pageid="19547573" ns="1" title="Talk:Wind power industry" />


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Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Should use ApiQueryBase::addTitleInfo() instead of adding the title/ns pairs itself.