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Add Product-Analytics Announcements to Airflow job for notifications
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DE team,
Would it be possible to add "" to get oozie job notifications ?

This is a larger group of people who are interested in getting notified of datasets that are updated with the latest data like mediawiki_history, edit_hourly etc.

Thanks and pls let me know if any other info is required.

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Going to change this to be airflow notifications instead of Oozie. renamed this task from Add Product-Analytics Announcements to the oozie job for notifications to Add Product-Analytics Announcements to Airflow job for notifications.Mar 11 2022, 10:22 PM
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This is done. PA receive notifications now.

@mpopov , curious to know if some of us in Movement Insights can be added to this mailing list to get the alerts instead of creating and maintaining a separate mailing list. what are your thoughts about why this is a bad idea? you and others are already in product-analytics-announce@, but the alerts aren't sent to that.

If you're referring to the MediaWiki History snapshot availability emails (sent by, somebody from DPE would need to add recipients to job_report_recipients (an Airflow variable) which currently includes data-engineering-alerts@ and product-analytics@ (as of T344854)

I see several different potential next steps. Just asked in Slack for folks' thoughts.

thank you !! we can continue the conversations on Slack.