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New hook for edit toolbox
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In Bug #15607, Erik asks for a change in the appearance of the toolbar, but Nikola points out that he would need a new hook to do this:

I can add the edit links to the bottom of the toolbox if that is desirable, but
adding them to the bottom of the language links would require a new MediaWiki
hook so it can't be done as an extension at this point.

Please implement such a hook.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement



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I did it in r85232, now it needs to be merged into the trunk.

Still open, reverted in r85356

It turns out that this hook was not necessary. Patch or similar might still be necessary, depending on how is implemented (I believe it could be implemented fully through CSS). I'll close this bug and reopen if it turns out the patch is necessary.