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Create additional network port in project devtools
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Please create a additional network port in the project devtools.

Network: private network (lan-flat-cloudinstances2b?)
Name: gitlab-prod-1001-eth1
Assign to instance gitlab-prod-1001 (uuid 66fc4883-87ff-446a-bdc6-04201e393a44)

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-03-01T18:16:17Z] <taavi> allocated secondary IP for gitlab-prod-1001 per request on T302803

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  • Reserved secondary IP by creating a new Neutron port
  • Configured the primary port of gitlab-prod-1001 to allow listening on that IP
  • Updated floating IP to point to the new secondary IP via Horizon.

Feel free to re-open if you have any issues.

Thanks a lot for setting up the additional port! I can confirm that the port is present in Horizon Interface.

However the port is marked as down and is not associated with the instance gitlab-prod-1001.

Name	                         Fixed IPs	 MAC Address	        Attached Device	Status	Admin State 
gitlab-prod-1001-eth1 fa:16:3e:71:0b:30 	Detached 	Down 	UP

And instance gitlab-prod-1001 seem to only have a single port/IP address

When I try to reach my services they stopped working and I get a Destination Host Unreachable for the floating IP.

Could you please check if both ports (with address and are assigned to instance gitlab-prod-1001 and that the floating IP is mapped to the second port (gitlab-prod-1001-eth1, IP

However the port is marked as down and is not associated with the instance gitlab-prod-1001.

Right. I initially configured the IP and the port like we usually do for secondary Keepalived VIPs, where instead of a secondary interface you can listen on the secondary IP on the primary interface/port. AIUI that's how it's implemented on production GitLab too (at least the Puppet manifests are using interface::alias). I can also configure it as a secondary interface if you confirm you prefer that.

The keepalived VIP configuration was not clear for me from looking at the horizon interface.

I configured the additional IP on the first NIC for the instance and can receive traffic! Thanks a lot and sorry for the confusion.

I'm closing the task again.

Change 767473 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jelto; author: Jelto):

[operations/puppet@production] gitlab: update sevice_ip and ferm_drange for wmcs

Change 767473 merged by Jelto:

[operations/puppet@production] gitlab: update sevice_ip and ferm_drange for wmcs