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Wikispecies+ — sidebar — language links from >1 wikidata item
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Feature summary: Hello, as discussed here (, raised here ( chat&diff=prev&oldid=1588459786) and relating to ( (taxonomy)), to maintain links between wikispecies and (across) the different language wikipedias, there is an apparent need for a feature (with some similarity to ( linking), eg [[en:xxx]]), which can be/is still used in addition to linkage via the wikidata item), which adds to the sidebar language links from additional wikidata items (i.e., in addition to those from the wikidata item to which the taxon page is itself directly linked). Something that might be used by adding to the bottom of the taxon page, instead of [[en:xxx]], eg, [[wikidata:xxx]], [[[wikidata:yyy]], [[wikidata:zzz]] (links from the wikidata item to which the taxon page is itself directly linked having the highest priority).

Use case(s): One taxon may have a number of synonyms and combinations ( (taxonomy)), each of which is likely to have its own wikidata item. Where there is a taxonomic update/revision, the wikispecies page (and those language wikipedias which use for the page name the scientific name rather a common/vernacular name) is/in time should be moved to the new name (and corresponding wikidata item). (Since a scientific name is provided on taxon wikidata items, via the property "taxon name" (, enwiki & jawiki, which may use the/a common name as the page name, should also in time be moved to the new wikidata item.)

As an example of the result of such a move, ( matsudairae) is linked to (, but all the different language wikipedias are (still) linked to the combination ''Oceanodroma matsudairae'' ( (although ('s storm petrel) gives ''Hydrobates matsudairae'' as the current scientific name).

As at ( matsudairae&redirect=no (and its history)), we can add a link to the wikispecies redirect page(s) to the corresponding wikidata item(s), but, where these wikidata items have links to pages in the different language wikipedias, these do not display in the sidebar of the wikispecies page for the taxon to which such redirect pages redirect.

[[en:Oceanodroma matsudairae]] etc could be added to the wikispecies page ( matsudairae) so that there would be a link to enwiki in the sidebar, but this is deprecated/discouraged and would not reflect any additional links added to wikidata. Hence this request so that there might appear in the sidebar, in addition to any language links from ( (the wikidata item to which the taxon page is linked)), all those from ( (former combination) and ( (protonym ( Ideally through a mechanism as simple and easy to use as [[en:Oceanodroma matsudairae]], eg, a variant on [[wikidata:Q785281]] & [[wikidata:Q28122592]].

(This might also be useful in relation to ( taxon), eg, a genus with only one species, where some language wikipedias create a page for the genus and others instead for the species, but while a wikidata item exists for each, as eg at (, genus and species pages are seemingly linked to the same wikidata item with the intent of maintaining linkage across the language wikipedias.)

Benefits: To maintain and enhance linkage across projects where there are multiple wikidata items for, in particular, one species, in relation to ( (taxonomy)). (By reducing/removing the incentive for users to link taxon pages to the "wrong" wikidata item for cross-project linkage purposes, this might also improve the quality of wikidata site links.)

Thank you.