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Establish freeze point(s) for wikis prior to migration and communicate to team
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Prior to the start of migration, the owner of WBstack needs to either:

  1. Set a single point at which all wikis/accounts on will become read only
  2. Break the accounts interested in migration into batches and set freeze points for each

The reason for this is that we need to ensure data is not changing while migration is taking place, and also we would like to communicate to affected users the likely timeframe during which their wikis will be read only.

It may be that there is no simple way to set multiple freeze points, therefore we will defer to the WBstack owner as to the approach he wishes to take.

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Right now this is implemented as part of the migration process.

This however is neither option 1 or 2 noted in the description. But it is the easiest, and already implemented.

In code:

In other words, when I extract the data from wbstack to give it to WMDE in order to migrate, the wiki will be set to READONLY.

If WMDE want's me to reverse this setting as something goes wring with a migration then an email or poke would be enough.

So we could resolve this now?

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