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Cannot find some Tasks using simple search
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Mar 30 2022, 1:56 PM
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Oct 28 2022, 1:15 PM
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Mar 31 2022, 8:27 AM
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Mar 30 2022, 1:56 PM
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Mar 30 2022, 1:56 PM
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I'm not able to find a specific Task using the Phabricator search form.

Description of the problem

Searching error in Wikimedia Phabricator and setting a Tag, I cannot find a specific result. Live example:


This result is not listed:

Additional notes

Note that searching "kawabonga" in shows a Task with "wakabonga" in the title.

In this case, it works but I noticed that the matching text is not underlined. Live example:

Screenshot_2022_03_31_102240.png (709×1 px, 70 KB)

Note that searching "stupid" in another Phabricator shows a Task with "stupid" in the title.

In this case, it works and I noticed that the matching text is underlined. Live example:

Screenshot_2022_03_30_155251.png (718×1 px, 57 KB)

I've read the official Phabricator search documentation and I've also tried title:error, title:~error, core:error and other weird combinations without understanding why Wikimedia Phabricator does not work when using the keyword "error" to find the Task T304193.

So it seems a problem in Wikimedia Phabricator (production) and not Phabricator itself.

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Aklapper edited projects, added Phabricator (Search); removed Phabricator.

Indeed; the proper Maniphest search at also does not list any results

valerio.bozzolan renamed this task from Cannot search by Task title in some cases to Cannot find some Tasks using simple search.Oct 28 2022, 9:37 AM
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hashar subscribed.

Elasticsearch since Phabricator uses that as backend:

  - type: 'elasticsearch'
    path: '/phabricator'
    port: 9243
    version: 5
      - protocol: 'https'
        host: 'search.svc.eqiad.wmnet'
          read: true
          write: true

We had a task to verify compatibility with ElasticSearch 7.10 then T303445#7807237 states Phabricator uses MySQL. From :

phabricator_search_servers.png (326×535 px, 24 KB)

@valerio.bozzolan: Did you intentionally set yourself as task assignee?

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