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Move the "Brand" portal page on Meta-Wiki
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I was trying to move the Brand page on meta wiki to Brand/Archive in order to publish the new brand guidelines portal on the old URL. There was an error that reads: "This translatable page consists of over 500 pages. Moving this many pages has been found to be unreliable. Please contact a system administrator to do this via a maintenance script.".

I wonder if an admin with production shell access can be so kind as to help me with that page move? This request is time sensitive as we need to publish an announcement with link to the new portal soon. So sorry about the short notice!


Event Timeline

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2022-04-04T16:50:53Z] <taavi> mwscript extensions/Translate/scripts/moveTranslatableBundle.php --wiki=metawiki "Brand" "Brand/Archive" "Majavah" --reason '[[:phab:T305387]]' # T305387

Done, moved that page and all non-translatable subpages.

Other subpages

* Brand/Badge → Brand/Archive/Badge
* Brand/Docs → Brand/Archive/Docs
* Brand/FAQ → Brand/Archive/FAQ
* Brand/Letterheads → Brand/Archive/Letterheads
* Brand/Logo → Brand/Archive/Logo
* Brand/Logo usage → Brand/Archive/Logo usage
* Brand/Mark → Brand/Archive/Mark
* Brand/Presentation → Brand/Archive/Presentation
* Brand/campaigns → Brand/Archive/campaigns
* Brand/colors → Brand/Archive/colors
* Brand/colours → Brand/Archive/colours
* Brand/create → Brand/Archive/create
* Brand/imagery → Brand/Archive/imagery
* Brand/logo → Brand/Archive/logo
* Brand/summary → Brand/Archive/summary
* Brand/typography → Brand/Archive/typography

The following subpages are marked for translation and need to be moved manually or with a separate run of that script (let me know if you need that).

Subpages marked for translation

These pages must be moved separately.
* Brand/Badges
* Brand/Banners
* Brand/Bottles
* Brand/Cards
* Brand/Documents
* Brand/Envelopes
* Brand/Frequently asked questions
* Brand/Labels
* Brand/Letterhead
* Brand/Marks
* Brand/Nametags
* Brand/Pins
* Brand/Posters
* Brand/Presentations
* Brand/Shirts
* Brand/Signage
* Brand/Stickers

Thank you so much for helping with it. One little correction. We didn't want to move sub-pages too. Most of them will be sub-pages to the new brand portal. I wonder if we can keep "Brand" and its translations archived but move back sub-pages?

I have created the new "Brand" page here. If that's possible, we can move back subpages from "Brand/Archive/..." to "Brand/..."
Thank you so much!

Sorry about that! I moved the subpages back.