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Create a userright allowing to move pages in category namespace (without moving category members)
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Author: test5555

Proposal: Create a userright allowing to move pages in category namespace (without moving category members)

Use case:

  • In Wikis with extensive category descriptions, allowing to move category description would keep its edit history together.
  • It wouldn't be necessary to implement the features of bug 3311 as many wikis already have features moving the contents of categories.
  • Wikimedia: At Commons, this could be assigned to admins that regularly move around images in categories (through [[Commons:User:SieBot]]). BTW, a bot at Commons makes sure category redirects work correctly ([[:Commons:User:RussBot]]

Related: bug 5451

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
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I don't really like this idea personally. Having a shitty user interface (since category redirects don't work [bug 3311]) and then restricting it to admins so that the newbies who don't know better don't get confused just seems wrong.

test5555 wrote:

At Commons, redirects work (see [[:Commons:User:RussBot]]).

In pratice, the userright should probably be assigned to bots, rather than admins, but this doesn't really change the feature request.

Obviously, it would be better to do all the other feature request, but these seem too complex to implement, while this is fairly simple and would also solve licensing issues.

(In reply to comment #2)

At Commons, redirects work (see [[:Commons:User:RussBot]]).

If I understood correctly, that bot deals with "pseudo-redirects", which are created to workaround the bug 3311. E.g.
[[commons:Category:Plataspidae]] is not a redirect to [[commons:Category:Plataspididae]] (since it doesn't have "#REDIRECT [[Category:Plataspididae]]"). It is just a page in Category namespace with a template saying that it should be empty (and have its members moved to the second one by the bot).

So, I would say that redirects doesn't work on Commons (or any other wiki).

Well presumably the commons bot could easily be modified to deal with real redirects. That still doesn't change anything for wikis not named commons.

test5555 wrote:

(in reply to comment #3:)

it also converts



{{category redirect|target}}

Sample: [[:Commons:Category:Gravitational lens]].

If for wikis requiring more complete solutions, at some point the page in category namespace needs to be moved. So, if we make this configurable, one small step is done.

test5555 wrote:

Is this easy to do or does it require too many changes?

It seems pretty simple and straightforward to me to allow the renaming of
category pages. (This has nothing to do with pages using these category names)
Implementing a right restricting the access to category page rename is just the same as implementing any other right.

Summary: It should be easy.

Its more of a, not sure if we should do it, type of issue.

test5555 wrote:

Currently we just have broken edit histories in category namespace.

Change 111096 had a related patch set uploaded by Parent5446:
Allow moving category pages

Change 111096 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow moving category pages