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Revise the installed/enabled extensions that our visual regression tests use
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Our visual regression tests currently clone a large number of repos but only a handful are actually enabled through LocalSettings.php . This ticket incorporates the work involved in order to satisfy the following acceptance criteria:

Acceptance Criteria

  1. If a repo is cloned, it should also be enabled through LocalSettings.php
  2. At the discretion of the person who does the task, determine the repos (extensions or skins) we care about and enable those. This might be all the repos on en wiki or only the ones that influence how the page looks, for example.
  3. Add the necessary database schema changes through php maintenance/update.php
  4. Get a database dump (run `npm run db:save) and adjust the seed data script to use this dump.

Developer notes

This is almost done as part of . The repo list should be double-checked though and possibly slimmed down to only include extensions that affect the visual layout or skins we care about.