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Perl Docker image not available for Toolforge Kubernetes jobs
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T214343 has been closed and yet the Perl image is not available for running jobs.
Not listed in 'toolforge-jobs images'
Tried tf-perl532 and tf-perl53 for the image parameter and neither worked.

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The container was added to the toolforge-jobs config by:

Change 789878 merged by jenkins-bot:

[cloud/toolforge/jobs-framework-api@main] containers: Add perl 5.32 container

But it appears that nobody has actually deployed that change to Toolforge yet. We need a WMCS root to follow the deployment instructions at

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taavi@tools-sgebastion-11:~ $ become majavah-test toolforge-jobs containers | grep perl

Per request, recording here what I did:

  1. Used the spicerack cookbook to deploy the updated container configMap:
cookbook wmcs.toolforge.k8s.component.deploy --git-url --project tools --deploy-node-hostname tools-k8s-control-2 --task-id T309146
  1. Since the configmap update doesn't automatically restart the pods (let's fix that if/when the repo is moved to Helm), I restarted the pods to pick up updates:
taavi@tools-k8s-control-2:~ $ kubectl get pod -n jobs-api -o wide
NAME                        READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE    IP                NODE                  NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-hgcjh   2/2     Running   0          166m   tools-k8s-worker-72   <none>           <none>
jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-zblj8   2/2     Running   0          166m   tools-k8s-worker-77   <none>           <none>
taavi@tools-k8s-control-2:~ $ kubectl sudo delete pod -n jobs-api jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-hgcjh jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-zblj8
pod "jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-hgcjh" deleted
pod "jobs-api-5b5ddf77df-zblj8" deleted