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Netbox: investigate custom status
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The upgrade to Netbox 3.2 brings Customs status:

Until now we've been bound to use the set list of Netbox status: but it's now possible to fully customize them, for any models (objects), and similar to tags it can be a slippery slope.

I see 3 options for servers:

  • Don't change anything, as we already have our tooling and habits set on the default status
  • Keep the current status and add additional ones
  • Rename the existing ones to match our in house status

The last 2 options would need matching changes in our doc and automation.

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I would not rename them and keep the netbox upstream list as a base, and optionally add 1~2 states if we see fit. For example a reimaging/PXE/maintenance state could be a good candidate (TBD a good name).