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Daily Mail archive URL added to USA Today citation
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What is happening?:

When running iabot on [[:w:en:Ted Kaczynski]] with optional archives to non-dead links checked, I get this error, which doesn't explain an issue:

Analysis error:
abusefilter-warning: ⧼abusefilter-warning-deprecated⧽

And if I click "Analyze" again, iabot adds the wrong archive URL to a citation. I repeated this twice and got the same result, as you can see in the page history.

What should happen instead?:

  1. iabot should return the archive-url that relates to the citation in question
  2. iabot should offer more descriptive context if there is a denylist/blacklist issue

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I can't help with the description of the errors as those are generated by MW, which are generated by local sysops. They are simply being passed back through. As for the wrong archive URL, not sure how that got by the validation process, but I replaced it with the correct archive in the bot's DB. You can correct the bot's data yourself by visiting

@Cyberpower678 where are those error descriptions defined within MW? I am a local sysop

@Cyberpower678 where are those error descriptions defined within MW? I am a local sysop

I'm a sysop there too, but I can't seem to find the page that the API uses to pass that to the bot. It's a page in the MediaWiki namespace.

I would suggest to however check the abusefilter log for any recent entries under your name to see which abuse filter you are hitting.