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Allow to group by sitelink (and/or exclusive sitelink)
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One dimension I like to slice data along is the sitelinks: eg, of all the x, how many of them are linked to fr.wikipedia. Thus, it could be interesting to look at how well items are described depending on their sitelinks (eg, are cheeses with an article on fr.wp better described than others).

An additional use-case would be exclusive sitelink.

This is the transposition of T312726: Add integraality column for sitelinks.

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That seems to work:

SELECT ?grouping (COUNT(DISTINCT ?entity) AS ?count) (SAMPLE(?entity) AS ?sample) WHERE {
  ?entity wdt:P10241 wd:Q41960.
  ?sitelink schema:about ?entity .
  ?sitelink schema:isPartOf ?grouping.
GROUP BY ?grouping
HAVING (?count >= 1 )
ORDER BY DESC (?count)
LIMIT 1000