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Assess data access doc collections
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In 2022 July-Sept this task tracked our investigation and iteration on how to audit a group of docs. ("What are the meaningful assessment techniques? What tools are useful? What criteria do we repeatedly look for as tech writers, and how can we translate those into something anyone can use?") The outcome of that was, and an audit of the Pywikibot doc collection. (see subtasks)

For tracking work in 2022 Oct-Dec, I'm repurposing this task for simplicity to capture the work that includes and goes beyond the Data_dumps and Research:Data collection assessments.

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I'm now going to follow the process documented at mw:Documentation/Toolkit/Collection_audit to assess the documentation landscape for the topic of "data access". I already know that work is going to explode beyond to include docs at:

Therefore, I'm going to decline T312996 and T312995 in favor of tracking this larger scope of work in this task, which I'll rename to more accurately reflect the work for Q3 FY22/23..

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Moving this to "stalled" because it's not prioritized work for Dev Advocacy this quarter and will take a significant amount of time, including input and collaboration with the Research & Data Eng teams, to really do this effectively. Plans/hopes to revisit in the coming quarters.

@TBurmeister All subtasks are resolved or declined. Can this ticket be resolved?

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Yes, resolving. Future work on data access docs will be tracked under T193296 and other tasks, since it's planned as part of "hypothesis" work that data teams are doing as part of the FY23-24 annual plan.