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Requesting access to private-data for Mikeraish (MRaishWMF)
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Requestor provided information and prerequisites

This section is to be completed by the individual requesting access.

  • Wikitech username: Mikeraish
  • Email address:
  • SSH public key (must be a separate key from Wikimedia cloud SSH access): ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIOU1XSmIK51sFOSDgWLTcJDjtfqb5nYfTCnTGrdmjt9c
  • Requested group membership: private-data
  • Reason for access: design research analytics work—add SSH to account to access Jupyter Lab and run spark queries
  • Name of approving party (manager for WMF/WMDE staff): @GEscalante-WMF
  • Ensure you have signed the L3 Wikimedia Server Access Responsibilities document: Signed
  • Please coordinate obtaining a comment of approval on this task from the approving party.

SRE Clinic Duty Confirmation Checklist for Access Requests

This checklist should be used on all access requests to ensure that all steps are covered, including expansion to existing access. Please double check the step has been completed before checking it off.

This section is to be confirmed and completed by a member of the SRE team.

  • - User has signed the L3 Acknowledgement of Wikimedia Server Access Responsibilities Document.
  • - User has a valid NDA on file with WMF legal. (All WMF Staff/Contractor hiring are covered by NDA. Other users can be validated via the NDA tracking sheet)
  • - User has provided the following: wikitech username, email address, and full reasoning for access (including what commands and/or tasks they expect to perform)
  • - User has provided a public SSH key. This ssh key pair should only be used for WMF cluster access, and not shared with any other service (this includes not sharing with WMCS access, no shared keys.)
  • - access request (or expansion) has sign off of WMF sponsor/manager (sponsor for volunteers, manager for wmf staff)
  • - access request (or expansion) has sign off of group approver indicated by the approval field in data.yaml

For additional details regarding access request requirements, please see

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@MRaishWMF you need to use a dedicated SSH key for production access. Please generate it and update this ticket

@Vgutierrez thanks, I updated with a new SSH key. Let me know if this is adequate, and thank you

Change 818397 had a related patch set uploaded (by Vgutierrez; author: Vgutierrez):

[operations/puppet@production] admin: Add mraish to analytics_privatedata_users

@MRaishWMF your user mikeraish is already part of the analytics-privatedata-users with no SSH key (access to that group can be configured in different ways depending on what data/tool needs to be accessed).

Your request above is for:

Requested group membership: private-data

What exact access are you requesting?
Is this just a request to add an SSH key to your existing user?
Please refer to for additional guidance on what access you'd like to request.

Dzahn changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Jul 29 2022, 5:35 PM
Dzahn reassigned this task from Vgutierrez to MRaishWMF.
BCornwall changed the task status from In Progress to Stalled.Aug 11 2022, 5:44 PM
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@MRaishWMF as asked, are you just wanting us to add your SSH key to your account? Seeing as you're already part of the analytics-privatedata-users group, the access is already granted. Since we don't know what specifically you're trying to do, we don't know if SSH is necessary.

Thank you!

Hi @BCornwall, sorry for the delay and thanks for the ping. Yes, I had intended to add an SSH key to my account to facilitate some analytics tasks. Sorry for the confusion, as I didn't know that I also had access granted via analytics-privatedata-users permissions.

Thank you!

BCornwall changed the task status from Stalled to In Progress.Aug 11 2022, 7:10 PM

@MRaishWMF Thanks for replying! Please note that we follow the Principle of least privilege so we'll need to know exactly what you'll be needing SSH access for. If you could provide that information and also update the ticket description with it that'd be fantastic.

@odimitrijevic it'd be good to also get further confirmation that SSH access is needed since this is newer information.

Thanks all!

@BCornwall thanks again. I anticipate needing to SSH into stat machines in order to access Jupyter Lab and run spark queries. I'll update the task description accordingly.

Ok reached out to user on slack to confirm ssh key after which I will add for them.

Change 824245 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cathal Mooney; author: Cathal Mooney):

[operations/puppet@production] Add SSH key for user mikeraish

Change 824245 merged by Cathal Mooney:

[operations/puppet@production] Add SSH key for user mikeraish

@MRaishWMF this should be working for you now if you want to give it a try and report back.


Ladsgroup reassigned this task from odimitrijevic to cmooney.
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Since there hasn't been any response. I close it, reopen if you have trouble accessing.

Change 818397 abandoned by BCornwall:

[operations/puppet@production] admin: Add SSH key to mraish user