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Add support for async session to python-mwapi
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The MW API lacks support for asynchronous frameworks. We would like to add support for asynchronous functionality to mwapi using the asynchronous HTTP client/server aiohttp.

For revscoring models, with the implementation of the MWAPI HTTP cache to the api extractor (, we can fetch data from the MediaWiki API asynchronously and populate the MWAPICache object, to prevent calling the blocking mwapi Session.

For non-revscoring models like outlink-topic model, we can simply change the blocking mwapi Session to the non-blocking mwapi AsyncSession to fetch data asynchronously.


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Aiko's patch has been merged!

New version of mwapi released by Aaron: :)

The current version has an issue in Python 3.7 :(

asyncio.exceptions.TimeoutError will raise AttributeError: module 'asyncio' has no attribute 'exceptions' since Timeout is in class concurrent.futures._base.TimeoutError in Python 3.7, but in class asyncio.exceptions.TimeoutError in Python 3.8 onward.

The fix is to change it to asyncio.TimeoutError that is acceptable for either version. Here is the patch:

@achou let's create a pull request when you are ready, I'll ask Aaron to review and cut 6.1 :)