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2022 Wikimédia France's contributor selected board seat process
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I'm a board member of Wikimédia France.
We want to use SecurePoll for the vote of one (1) seat of the Board of Wikimédia France according to our internal association status.

Here is a proposal for the timeline of the vote :

05 September: Deadline for candidate submissions
15 September: Deadline for Identification verification
05-12 September: Questions and discussion between candidates and community
13-26 September: Voting
27-15 October: Vote-checking
15 October: Goal for announcement of results

Do you think SecurePoll can be used for this election?

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Hi there - please allow me to add this to our team's meeting agenda for next week. In general I think this will be fine, but I want to be sure since it is quite close to the end of the Board elections.

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Hi again. It sounds like we will be able to support this request. To this end, we will need to know:

  • Does Wikimedia France have a SUL wiki (similar to how Wikimedia Ukraine has This is not necessary but might make things easier.
  • Is there a list of people who should be able to vote?
  • What are the stipulations of this election (e.g. what type of voting do you need - STV, support/oppose, etc)

We will also need some "intro text" explaining the ballot, on the ballot itself, in French. The other technical pieces I can probably gather from the Board election translations we're doing now.


Thanks for the reply and the processing of the request.

  • Wikimedia France does NOT have a SUL wiki. Our pages are on Meta-Wiki.
  • The requirement for this vote is to have an account following the requirements below :
    • The account must not be blocked on any Wikimedia projects at the moment of the vote (between the 13rd and 26th of September 2022).
    • The account must not be a bot-account.
    • The sum of edits on all Wikimedia projects must be greater than 300 edits on the 13rd of August 2022.
    • The account must have done 200 edits between the 13rd of March 2022 and the 13rd of August 2022.
  • The stipulation of this election is an Approval voting.

I'll get in touch with the rest of the board of Wikimedia France for the intro text and I'll come back to you.

Thank you!

  • The sum of edits on all Wikimedia projects must be greater than 300 edits on the 13rd of August 2022.
  • The account must have done 200 edits between the 13rd of March 2022 and the 13rd of August 2022.

This will unfortunately be very difficult to implement in the time that we have - to create a voter list like this requires a patch to be deployed and for a script to be run on all wikis (see e.g. T309753: Create SecurePoll voter list for 2022 board vote)

The second criterion would require a custom script akin to what is put together for the English Wikipedia ArbCom elections.

I have an idea though if you could answer some further questions:

  • How many voters are you expecting?
  • Would this be open to every Wikimedian or just members of WMFr?

If you are expecting a low number of voters, and for these voters to be members of WMFr, we can potentially import a manual voter list which should be much simpler.

Last election we had 40 voters.
The vote is open to every Wikimedian.

Thanks for your help :)

Thank you for clarifying!

I think in this instance it is quite a lot of work to gather the list of eligible voters (there will be around 70,000 based on your criteria, and gathering these will take a fair amount of work).

I would perhaps suggest instead that we have an email set up for those interested in voting, where they may ask to be added to the voter roll manually. This will of course be additional friction on voters, but I believe it will be more efficient in terms of setup. If you are only expecting a few dozen voters this would likely be less work overall. Does that sound reasonable?

Alright, I discussed with the Board and the option of setting an email is alright.
Do you need any additional information ?

Do you need any additional information ?

I would need the list of candidates for this election, as well as a piece of intro text for voters to read on the ballot (e.g. information about how to vote), in French. Potentially also translations if you are expecting people to vote in English as well (or any other language).

Also, would you require encryption for this election? It is common but not necessary - it is pretty easy to set this up, so if WMFr wants it we can do that.

I will be on vacations starting September 7 and going through until September 20, but I have asked my colleague @Nahid to support this while I'm out.

Hi, I am member of the election committee for this vote. Since the vote opens tomorrow and nothing (like basically a test) has been done at this time, we have decided not to use SecurePoll. This task can be closed.

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