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Work with the Swedish election
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A blogpost is created and we are inviting the community to work with material around the election. Start from the working document.

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Send out press accreditation requests for election-related events. To participating parties in the working document.

A second blogpost written and around 20 emails + reminder sent. We have an approved application for community support.

The third blogpost with combination of the Veckans tävling at Swedish Wikipedia.

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Respond from Permissions – Wikimedia Commons ",_2022 and many of the files have their copyright questioned. We need each image to be released under a free licence by the copyright holder who is usually the photographer with their permission statement sent directly from their verifiable email, unless the copyright was transferred by legal means to someone else."

Try to inform the uploaders to send an email again with ticket number and a clearification of the problem.


The permission={{PermissionTicket|id=2022092810008061}} has now been added to file descriptions.

An email has been sent to the other uploaders that have been questioned.

214 files added in category (2022-09-30)

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