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Upgrade fasw to Junos 21
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Those switches are L2 only, so it's not urgent as they're not exposed to the Internet.
As they're in VCs so it means all members have to go down at the same time (we're not trying ISSU and similar), which means a 20min hard downtime for both VC devices minimum, a 1h downtime window is to be planned for headroom.

DeviceScheduled forStatus
fasw1-c-codfwJan 23rd 2023
fasw1-c-eqiadJan 25th 2023

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@ayounsi We have a maintenance week for frack scheduled for Sep 26-30. Would sometime that week be good for you? We could do fasw1-c-codfw before then if you wish.

@Dwisehaupt that will be too soon for us (SRE summit + routers upgrades planned this month).

Is the following maintenance week known?

We don't have a full one scheduled for q2, so the next week would be Jan 23-27, 2023.

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Some notes from T316532: Upgrade POPs asw to Junos 21

Make sure console access works.
Before the upgrade, remove this configuration stanza, otherwise the request system software add might fail

[edit system]
-   internet-options {
-       tcp-drop-synfin-set;
-       no-tcp-reset drop-all-tcp;
-   }

request system software add /var/tmp/jinstallxxxxxx can be done outside of a maintenance window (to minimize the time services are depooled, if they need to be depooled).

If there is any issue with this step it might be because the disk is corrupted, in that case the next step is to reboot the stack (will perform fsck at boot time), if still no luck last option is to do a format install (needs someone on site).
That's why it better to do the request system software add before the maintenance window so we can plan accordingly.

If all good, run request system reboot and wait about 10min. If something is not up at that point, wait a bit more, then check what's up on the console. An extra reboot might be needed.

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This is complete.