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Provide option to not fuzzy translations for message bundle when source string changes
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After T317038 was implemented, any change to source language string changes results in all translations to be marked as fuzz-ied.

This may not be desirable if the changes to the strings are simple spelling mistake or grammatical fixes.

We need to provide a way to allow translation admins to not fuzzy translations if the source string changes.

In order to allow message documentation to be provided, we are planning to provide an alternative syntax for message bundles:

	"value": "Source string",
	"qqq": "Source string documentation",
	"fuzzy": false

The parameter "fuzzy": false can be added to indicate that this change should not fuzzy translation. While eventually saving the translation we would want to remove the fuzzy parameter.

Technical notes

I see a problem on how we handle the fuzzying since that's currently done in UpdateMessageBundleJob which creates MessageUpdateJob to do the actual update and fuzzying. One option would be to pass a list of keys that should not be fuzzied to the UpdateMessageBundleJob job and it checks that before passing the fuzzy parameter to the MessageUpdateJob.