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Migrate robokobot from Toolforge GridEngine to Toolforge Kubernetes
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Kindly migrate your tool( from Toolforge GridEngine to Toolforge Kubernetes.

Toolforge GridEngine is getting deprecated.

Please note that a volunteer may perform this migration if this has not been done after some time.
If you have already migrated this tool, kindly mark this as resolved.

If you would rather shut down this tool, kindly do so and mark this as resolved.

Useful Resources:
Migrating Jobs from GridEngine to Kubernetes
Migrating Web Services from GridEngine to Kubernetes

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My apologies if this ticket comes as a surprise to you. In order to ensure WMCS can provide a stable, secure and supported platform, it’s important we migrate away from GridEngine. I want to assure you that while it is WMCS’s intention to shutdown GridEngine as outlined in the blog post, a shutdown date for GridEngine has not yet been set. The goal of the migration is to migrate as many tools as possible onto kubernetes and ensure as smooth a transition as possible for everyone. Once the majority of tools have migrated, discussion on a shutdown date is more appropriate. See T314664: Toolforge: Decomission the Grid Engine infrastructure.

As noted in some use cases are already supported by kubernetes and should be migrated. If your tool can migrate, please do plan a migration. Reach out if you need help or find you are blocked by missing features. Most of all, WMCS is here to support you.

However, it’s possible your tool needs a mixed runtime environment or some other features that aren't yet present in We’d love to hear of this or any other blocking issues so we can work with you once a migration path is ready. Thanks for your hard work as volunteers and help in this migration!

Sorry I completely missed this ticket.

I tried following the instructions, but I can't seem to find the shared folder for pywikibot inside Kubernetes:
python3: can't open file '/shared/pywikibot/stable/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

My problem seems related to T249787.

I tried the toolforge-python39-sssd-pwb image but it doesn't work:

tools.robokobot@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ toolforge-jobs run virgule --command /data/project/robokobot/scripts/ --image toolforge-python39-sssd-pwb
ERROR: unable to create job: "HTTP 400: invalid container image"

In the meantime, I'm forced to use the Grid.
Please note that I use Toolforge not because it's free but because I don't have to worry about updating Pywikibot.