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Cloud services enhancement proposal: Toolforge Kubernetes component workflow improvements
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Proposal Title: Toolforge Kubernetes component workflow improvements

Brief description: Proposal to partially replace the workflow used to deploy some Kubernetes components.

Why: see linked design doc on why the current workflow isn't ideal

Design documentation:

More info: this is a follow-up of the incident earlier this week when undeployed registry-admission changes started causing chaos

Event Timeline

I agree with the overall proposal in the linked Wikitech page. I made a few comments to @taavi via IRC and we're iterating over it.

One thing I want to test is if gitlab.w.o provides an out-of-the-box helm chart rep (see

I created to test the theory.

I was able to push to the helm chart repository here

I'll let others decide if that's enough for what we want or, if harbor should be used, of whatever.