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Add selection "Only show edits that have newer revisions" to Special:Contributions
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There is a selection "Only show edits that are latest revisions"
on the "User contributions" special page.

The opposite selection would imho be much more useful, so as to
learn what others amended in ones own edits, such as typos or
formulation better to avoid in the future, or additions that may
require quotations or need to be discussed.

Since it seems a snap to add a "not" to an SQL query, I suggest
to allow "Only show edits that have newer revisions" as well.

See Also:
T5753: Option to hide rows from Special:Contributions where the edit is the most recent to a page



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jokes_free4me wrote:

This is close to being a duplicate of 3753.

The thing is, adding that "not" wouldn't be quite enough, since this only hides the latest edit on that page, but the page itself will still be shown, through all the previous edits made to it.