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Add a delay before welcoming a user and a global lock check
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After recent abuses in several wikis please add a delay of some minutes before welcoming a user and for the wikies with CentralAuth extension installed a global lock check (if a user is globally locked there is no need to welcome him).


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Severity: enhancement



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quentinv57 wrote:


If something could be done, that would really be appreciated.

Please see some details here :


Perhaps this bug should be split in two.

  1. A delay of some minutes should be enough for most cases, although it has to be configurable because it's useful to show the welcome as soon as the user registers.
  2. If the user is locked, he can't create new accounts (bug 23126); also, wikis which want to reduce clutter could disable $wgNewUserMessageOnAutoCreate. For wikis where the user has created the account before lock, is the problem so big?

quentinv57 wrote:

I think that the first problem is far more critical than the second. The first one implies that stewards are forced to give themselves the oversight access on every wikis this extension exists instead of simply pressing one button. Most of the time they see there is no edit and they don't think the talk page has been automatically created, which explains that a lot of libellous informations stay on those wikis.

The second point about locked user is not really important, what is important is that oversighted and hidden accounts should not be welcomed, because it will create a page with an abusive username.