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Create "Data Commons" or "Wikidata" project
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According to proposal called "Proposal:Structured Data" on Strategy Wiki ( and about 10 another similar proposals, we need to create a project for DATA. May this bug be tracking one for the whole DataCommons/WikiData project.

So far I understand the matter has been stuck rather because the technical solution is not clear, but I think there is an obvious need for the project.

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Random crap that I remember from past times this has been brough up on IRC,
Hackathons and Wikimania:

  • We could use a (rewritten version of) Semantic Wiki ("rewritten" due to some issues, most notably the 'central wiki' part, as well as other major "issues")
  • Write a new system to store key/value pairs, not associated to a page but

directly in a database interface

  • version A: a SpecialPage that is a *little* bit like CentralAuth in that

it'd be a central table but not per se on a central wiki, editable by anyone
with the required global right

  • version B: a SpecialPage that is only installed on the central wiki, major

difference with version A: The project would get it's own wiki (not just a talk
page on Meta-Wiki) and users would get user-rights for this specialpage on the
local wiki)

  • (Abuse|Reuse|Use) the interwiki-transclusion system for this and store the

data as pages ("templates") on a central wiki which can be transcluded to any
wiki (optionally the interwiki transclusion would be limited to the
Template-namespace, or better a new namespace "Data:")

  • wikipedia article: "Lorem ipsum dolor {{datawiki:Data:Foobar}} silet amet"
  • As a side-effect / opportunity or silly idea (pick the one you prefer): We

could combine the data-wiki with the template-wiki for multi-langual/cross-wiki
templates. All it takes is setting the configuration to allow transclusion of
not just NS_DATA but also NS_TEMPLATE)


Should this become a new project in Bugzilla?

(In reply to comment #4)

Should this become a new project in Bugzilla?

Well, I am not sure how the German guys want to handle the project at all... Better to ask them (at WMDE).

  • Bug 4706 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

(In reply to comment #0)

we need to create a project for DATA.

Work in progress:

Wikidata exists nowadays and is in use.

In Bugzilla, you can find "MediaWiki extensions > Wikidata*" and for server configuration there is "Wikimedia > Wikidata", plus a "wikidata" keyword.

Closing as FIXED. If there are specific unfulfilled aspects of this request, please check if they already exists against Wikidata and if not, file specific bug reports about them. Thanks!

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