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NEW FEATURE REQUEST: Dataset with active and non-active Wikis
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A dataset that can be used to determine how many and which wikis exist - and whether they're active - over time. The use cases I'm aware of have centered around Wikipedias, although I can imagine questions around other wikis as well.

Currently, if we need to know the number of active Wikipedias, we reference this data page: . However, that only goes back to 2020. The page has more history, but getting historical data depends on going through edit revisions - and the page did not always differentiate between active and non-active languages.

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External communications about the scale and scope about our work. The most recent use case is for a blog post being prepared for Diff - a technology spotlight about how we keep Wikimedia running ( We were asked, "can we get data for how the number of active wikipedias has changed over 10+ years?"

Based on the timeline and my team's bandwidth, I suggested focusing on our current number of languages. But it would be useful to have this data readily available for future public communications.


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Event Timeline

Just for anyone that grabs this, we already define "active wikis" and use it in datasets like public geoeditors, the query for a dataset would be something like:

with editors as (
 select wiki_db,
        <<parse month out of event_timestamp>> month,
        count(*) edits
   from mediawiki_history
  where <<latest snapshot and filter out deleted, reverted, etc as desired>>
  group by wiki_db, <<parse month>>
active_editors as (
 select wiki_db,
   from editors
  where edits > 4

-- active wikis:
 select wiki_db,
   from active_editors
  group by wiki_db, month
 having count(*) > 2
EChetty set the point value for this task to 5.Jan 16 2023, 4:46 PM


Do we have an existing definition of active we want to use here?

Millimetric has:

 from editors
where edits > 4


  from active_editors
 group by wiki_db, month
having count(*) > 2

Are you okay with this? And can we write this in stone somewhere?