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New Linter: Definition list <DL> without <DT> term.
Open, MediumPublicFeature


Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):

A linter to generate a list of pages, where no <DT>..</DT> occurs within a <DL>..</DL> but one of more <DD>..</DD> constructions are present.

Use case(s) (list the steps that you performed to discover that problem, and describe the actual underlying problem which you want to solve. Do not describe only a solution):

The specific use case is identifying content Pages (ns0, ns104) , at English Wikisource, where one or more : construction have potentially been used to indicate modified margins or indentation, so that those uses can be replaced with an appropriate template, or poem tag usage.

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):

  • Identify the extent of misuse of the : construction which is intended for definition lists instead of margin or indentation.
  • Permit automated tools to attempt appropriate repairs based on the list generated.