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Language select options in preferences
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Author: ebe123_wiki

My idea is that in the preferences in incubator, you may choose the type of language select such as the type at commons and the classic type at incubator. It will go also with the language.

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Can you elaborate and provide more context? Maybe screenshots or sketches too?

ebe123_wiki wrote:

At incubator, its like

Language Select: {Text box} (select) (show all)

while that at commons, it's

Language Select: {Selector}

Each one has it's advantages, so I propose that there is different code for each type. Also, you may specify your favorite type in your preferences and only have that type.

What do you mean by:

"At incubator, its like

Language Select: {Text box} (select) (show all)"


What's "like that", exactly? Where? How does a text box get involved, and what does it do?

ebe123_wiki wrote:

Never mind, now its the language preference that determines the language.