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Document known data quality issues on Wikistats
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There are a number of known data quality issues that affect the correctness of what is reported on Wikistats. These include:

While the long term solution to handle these issues is still TBD and still to be prioritized as per, an interim solution would be to provide a list of known issues and link from the relevant dashboards.

Possible solutions:

  • Have a page on Wikistats to outline the known issues and link from the affected dashboards
  • Outline data issues on Wikitech and link from the affected wikistats dashboards

Event Timeline

It is possible to add annotations to the wikistats dashboards via meta. See Annotations have been created for the two above incidents. Let's review and assess if this is sufficient.

just to have this on record: the Wikistats annotation display system was thrown together quickly. It can be easily modified to include ranges, and it probably should be in this case and a few other cases. Annotations are great UX and I still think putting them on wiki is a great way to get the community involved.

I'd appreciate this issue being prioritized, given that it was identified as an important activity after the data loss.