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fast-ec crash: User 's55157' has exceeded the 'max_user_connections' resource (current value: 10)
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should raise limit

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connection pool discussion is T325511

For raising the limit, file a request in Toolforge (Quota-requests) I think.

So while the wikipool is waiting for one of the 10 connections to become available, would it be possible to track that time separately? I selfishly would like to display something like "query took 20 seconds, after waiting for an available connection for 30 seconds" in the results page instead of "query took 50 seconds".

You can adjust how you time it yourself? pseudocode:

let start = now();
let conn = pool.connect("xxwiki").await?;
let conn_time = now() - start;
let full = now();
[your query code]
let full_time = now() - full;