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Add TikTok's in-app browser to ua-parser library
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We currently use the ua-parser library to extract information from user-agent strings. The library does not detect TikTok's in-app browser even though it can be identified using the BytedanceWebview substring (as discussed in T324376).

We should update the upstream library to add the necessary regex and then update our local version to pick up the changes.

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Thanks for opening this! We probably want folks from TikTok to do this as they'll be aware of edge-cases etc. and maybe more likely to update if they make changes? There was an open issue for it from a few years back that I commented on too:

@Maryana @MMiller_WMF I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding Isaac's comment above and this request to update the upstream ua-parser library?

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Another ping to @Maryana and @MMiller_WMF . Do you have opinions on asking the TikTok team vs parsing the user-agent string as is?