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Normalize PAWS resource usage
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A brief snapshot of PAWS usage shows worker cpu as less than 10% and memory as more than 60%. All of the worker systems are running a flavor that has 1 cpu to 2G ram, we can probably improve this by using a 1:4 flavor, and putting out half the number of cores (down to 22 worker cpu from 44). This should likely only be done as part of/after moving to magnum T308873.

rook@paws-k8s-control-1:~$ kubectl top nodes
NAME                 CPU(cores)   CPU%   MEMORY(bytes)   MEMORY%   
paws-k8s-control-1   332m         16%    2678Mi          69%       
paws-k8s-control-2   297m         14%    2707Mi          70%       
paws-k8s-control-3   304m         15%    2614Mi          67%       
paws-k8s-ingress-3   152m         7%     1251Mi          32%       
paws-k8s-ingress-4   152m         7%     1956Mi          50%       
paws-k8s-worker-2    358m         8%     4892Mi          62%       
paws-k8s-worker-3    312m         7%     3979Mi          50%       
paws-k8s-worker-4    366m         9%     3797Mi          48%       
paws-k8s-worker-5    513m         6%     12175Mi         76%       
paws-k8s-worker-6    403m         5%     12935Mi         81%       
paws-k8s-worker-7    336m         4%     11756Mi         73%       
paws-k8s-worker-8    455m         5%     9995Mi          62%