Wrong email confirmation link from secure server
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The secure server currently sends out email confirmation links starting with http://en.wikipedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Special:ConfirmEmail
This looks like a hodgepodge of a normal and secure link, and it gives a 404 error. It should be either

Example of error:
"To confirm that this account really does belong to you and reactivate
e-mail features on Wikipedia, open this link in your browser:


The problem is only in mails from the secure server.
The confirmation code works when it is added to a valid url.
I found the bug while examining

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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PrimeHunter created this task.Via LegacyAug 31 2011, 12:57 AM
brion added a comment.Via ConduitAug 31 2011, 5:44 PM

This is probably a regression related to introduction of $wgCanonicalServer...

r95505 on 1.17wmf1, looks like r95002 on trunk.

The new code concats $wgCanonicalServer with $wgArticlePath, which fails on the secure.wikimedia.org setup where $wgArticlePath has been modified to work with the modified $wgServer.

MZMcBride added a comment.Via ConduitAug 31 2011, 7:15 PM

Likely fixed by Roan in r95894.

Catrope added a comment.Via ConduitSep 1 2011, 7:32 AM

Deployed fix to production, confirmed fix.

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