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Add structured data support to UploadWizard URL arguments
Open, Needs TriagePublicFeature


The UploadWizard allows to prefill fields like the category or campaign specific fields by adding arguments to the URL. This is a very nice feature for upload tools or templates.

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to add structured data this way. I would like to have this added.

In the URL this could be a simple &property=statements like:


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Would it be enough to support item (Q code) values? The code needs to know the datatype of each property, and we could hardcode it as "wikibase-entityid" for now. For an example, see the dataType fields in the campaign configs:

If we later want to support other datatypes, those could e.g. follow the syntax of QuickStatements with strings put in quotes, coordinates with a prefix @ etc. For example: &P625=@60.18/24.95

I think items are the most important and could be a good first step. But especially strings would also be useful to hand over identifiers.