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[SMW] 1.6.2 r96240; Special:Ask, Hide query function is broken
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Testing the query [1] on 1.18alpha together with SMW 1.6.2 r96240, SRF 1.6.1
r96240, generates expected results but pressing "Hide query", the result disappear and the Special:Ask "limit" inputbox suddenly contains 20q=[[Type::...]][[Modification date::+]]

[1] {{#ask:[[Type::...]][[Modification date::+]]|?Modification date|format=broadtable|limit=20|headers=show|link=all|offset=0}}

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Just check against the latest Semantic Forms (Version 2.2.1) (r97495), Semantic MediaWiki (Version 1.6.2 alpha) (r97495), Semantic Result Formats (Version 1.6.2) (r97495) and the error is still valid.

One can not switch between Hide/Show query in Special:Ask.

Fixed by r97499, thnx for reporting :)