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Leveling Up: community configuration
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User story:

As a wiki admin, I want to be sure Growth tools are configured in a way that best needs the unique needs of my community.
As a newcomer, I want Growth tools to be engaging and appropriate, so I can successfully onboard.


The Growth team aims to build features that work for wikis with wide variety of needs, so our core features can be configured by the community.

However, the initial MVP release of Leveling up will not include community configuration. This allows us to release more quickly, and ensure that all pilot wikis have the same configuration for the initial A/B test.

After T328057: Leveling Up: experiment analysis is complete, we should decide on which aspects of Leveling Up should be configurable.


Allow communities to configure settings for the Leveling up "try new task" dialog: T322386

  • Newcomers who have successfully completed $(5) newcomer tasks of one type will receive suggestions that they try a new task type. Example: newcomers who complete 5 "link suggestions" will receive a suggestion that they try a more difficult task type.
  • Newcomers who have had $(2) reverts in the last $(7) days should not receive suggestions that they try a new task type.
Acceptance Criteria:


Event Timeline

We discussed this task in a Growth team meeting, with these general takeaways:

  • Consensus was reached that we shouldn't allow community configuration during the initial experiment
  • We should provide community configuration for features that will be truly helpful for communities, not just for ALL features by default. Too many configuration options is confusing both for communities and engineers.
  • We should add a phab task to improve community configuration (Special:EditGrowthConfig) design. As more configuration options have been added, that page in increasingly difficult to understand as an end user.
  • We set Leveling up baselines based on data analysis and community discussions, and it's challenging for communities to make some of these decisions without data to evaluate how the change impacts newcomers.
  • We should hold off on this task until communities make specific requests to modify Leveling up configuration.