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[Design] Allow users to choose skin explicitly
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In light of the recent RFC, we discussed how it might be useful to ask users directly their preferred skin, the assumption being some users do not know they are able to change their Wikipedia appearance as a logged in user and various users were not aware or did not engage with the RFC.

The question would be obtrusive by design, but would prompt the user to choose

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 2.10.24 PM.png (1×2 px, 318 KB)

When a button is selected we would store a preference in the database acknowledging the fact they made a decision.

After a given period of time has elapsed the code and associated preferences would be removed.

One useful benefit of this is that it would give us a concrete idea of what % of users like the change and which don't.

Acceptance criteria

  • The display of the overlay is sampled to make sure we limit who sees it and avoid a large volume of database transactions. It is only shown to users that have not made a choice.
  • The overlay only shows to users in the Vector 2022 skin (the Vector users have already made a decision)
  • When a choice is made, we record that they have chosen in the database (default is "not chosen") and switch their skin if needed.