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Cleaner display for Template:Data for web addresses
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The template {{Data}} could display website links without displaying the whole url. Instead, the user could define which text to display.

This is the current view in Wiki Loves Living Heritage

image.png (1×2 px, 971 KB)

The entry in this page is created using this template.

The list and the url language work perfectly!

Ideally, the entry would display as

Elävän perinnön kansallinen luettelo (Finnish),
National Inventory of Living Heritage in Finland (English) and Nationella förteckningen över det levande kulturarvet (Swedish)


Finnish, English and Swedish

instead of what we currently have:ävän_perinnön_kansallinen_luettelo/valitut (Finnish),ävän_perinnön_kansallinen_luettelo/valitut/en (English) andävän_perinnön_kansallinen_luettelo/valitut/sv (Swedish)

The page in question:

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