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Create new heritage element pages
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Heritage elements are displayed in the project pages when they meet one of the criteria:

Items matching these criteria are currently displayed on three different set of pages. The listed items have links to existing heritage element pages or clicking creates a new heritage element page.

When clicked, the user is faced with a wikitext page, that is cryptic even for wikipedians. Finalizing the new page requires a few more steps to be presentable.

Choosing the ideal solution – or all of them:

  1. A bot would create the pages without the need for the user to click. It would remove a quality control stage, so alternative solutions could be considered as well. The additional steps could be included in the process. (Create a ticket for the steps)
  2. Add more information in the UX in the clickable item that the page does not exist and that clicking produces a new page.
  3. Add a custom message in the wikitext view that the user can create the page by saving the preloaded text.